Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family Warmth

The holiday fun has started!  First, let's bake Dorie's raisin swirl bread for breakfast.  It will make a lovely French toast, too!

How about some cookies with the mint chocolate chips my parents sent from New Jersey?  The perfect way to warm us up after a day of snowy fun!  With some hot chocolate, of course!

Ooh!  That bread came out GOOD!

                                                 Winter fun!

                                          The FRUITCAKE!

Snow, lots of baking and all the family warmth in the world!  We are so blessed indeed!


A Dutch Brit said...

What a pretty picture, such a lovely view out of the kitchen window.
And I see you, or rather your daughter, is making a fruitcake.
How did it turn out? Or is it still in the oven?
Will you put a icing/frosting on it?

Paola said...

Yes! It is a fruitcake- Nigella's chocolate fruitcake. :) It's become a tradition at our house. I don't ice it, just decorate it with some chocolate coffee beans. It's SO good! I'll post a pic of the finished one soon!

A Dutch Brit said...

Oh wow I've google it and everyone raves about it. It looks so good. You can even buy 'Nigella Lawsons Chocolate Fruitcake Decorating Kit' online!
You have to like prunes though- and I do.I'm going to make this very soon.
Can't wait to see yours.

Paola said...

Oh I cerainly recommend it!! It's funny, Nigella mentions in her book that there was this guy that said he hated prunes... but LOVED the fruitcake! It's sooo easy too!