La Douce Vie

I am a (mindful) epicure …
After studying Dutch (language, art and culture) at the University of Leiden, I 
decided to follow my passion for all things culinary, travel and France-related, and to share that passion with others.
My food philosophy is quite simple- I cook with quality seasonal ingredients produced with respect for nature. That’s why I eat (mostly) organic and the reason why I’m always interested in knowing where my food comes from. My passion for food goes way beyond cooking. I am convinced that a good meal begins with the use of good products.
Of course, I am also a Francophile!
Contact me for:
*Food, wine and travel journalism (in Dutch, English and Spanish)
*Recipe development
*Culinary translations (from and to English, Spanish and Dutch)

*Food consultancy

A piece on the history of food in a particular genre of painting? I will research it! Looking for a travel feature on just about anywhere in France? I'll go there, do the research and get you the article within one week!! Want to know what Thomas Jefferson ate while in France? You've come to the right girl! Need some recipes to go with a feature article? I will run into my kitchen and develop them for you! In search of a professional translator for just about any kind of culinary text? I've got the skills, education and experience

I'd love to hear from you! Contact me at La Douce Vie