Monday, December 14, 2009

Thank You Julia, For This Delicious Omelette

I’ve recently fallen in love with Julia Child. It started with the movie and then my love reached unprecedented heights once I saw her actually cooking.  As you know, I adore French food, but shamefully, I was never really into Julia.  My French food guru had always been Elizabeth David. She still is, but now Julia has entered my life.
I remember watching Julia on television while I was growing up and always thinking she was a bit odd.  Mainly because of her voice and unique mannerisms.  It’s a shame it took me some twenty odd years to look past the peculiar exterior and actually get into her cooking.  But boy have I made up for lost time!
I have drooled over her mousse au chocolat, I’m dreaming of her boeuf bourguignon for Christmas dinner and lusting after a copper bowl simply because I saw her using one.  Oh and pearls!  Just like Julie, I am wearing pearls these days in Julia’s honor.
Mastering the Art of  French Cooking will be one of my Christmas presents this year, but in the meantime I’m still cooking just about everything Julia.  From the simple to the not so simple.
Here’s a dish that I practically ran to make after watching Julia- a simple French omelette.  This one is flavored with garlic and oregano.  I filled it with chutney from Marmande tomatoes and a little Gouda cheese. Kirstie enjoyed it so much that she asked me to make her another one for dinner tonight.  I will gladly fulfil her wish- and mine.
Click here to see how Julia makes a simple omelette.


Alex said...

Hi, came across your blog because I typed "arepas polenta" I'm from Colombia but living in Denmark and not so easy to get the corn flour to make them, but Polenta seems to be everywhere.. I'll try your recipe and add your blog to my favorites... some recipes you posted look delicious.

Paola said...

Hi Alex!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. It's great to get positive feedback. :) Hope you like the arepas.