Sunday, January 28, 2007

Random thoughts as the week comes to an end

Ok, haven’t posted in a while, but the thing is…I’ve been swamped! I’ve graduated this past Tuesday and I’ve also been working on my MA thesis. There’s an average of ten books per week still coming in…and being read! In the beginning I thought I had this subject pretty much covered but again, I’ve managed to unearth some things and I still have lots of questions! Oh the joy of research! Anyhow, back to Tuesday... I got my BA, finally! My professor was very proud and complimented me on my motivation and drive. She joked about the times we went on museum excursions, ones that lasted the WHOLE day, and how I would be chipper as ever at the end. Me tired??? Haha! I could never get tired in a museum! Of course, I also thanked her and my other professor for all their encouragement and inspiration. If it wasn’t for Dr. Boers, I’d be studying psychology. Her art classes during my first year were so amazing that I knew I had to follow my heart. The funny thing is, and she mentioned this as well, I’m combining psychology with art in my MA thesis. Dr. Van Marion has also played a big role in my success. She was the one who taught me how to do research and she instilled in me great pride for my university. The other person I thanked was Hans, my wonderful husband, who helped me tremendously by giving me all his support and spoiling me all along the way. I could’ve never gotten this far without him.

After an achievement like this, one is most certainly entitled to a treat or two, no? I’ve just gotten Jewel’s latest: “Goodbye Alice in Wonderland”. What a beautiful album! I just love Jewel because she worked hard to get where she is. Difficult situations as a child meant that she had to grow up fast but in the end everything that happened in her life helped her to get where she is. Her biography, “Chasing Down The Dawn” should also be coming in some time next week. Can’t wait to read more about this inspirational woman.

I’ve always believed that those who are hated are great, so that’s why I’ve ordered my first Rachael Ray book: “Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats--A Year of Deliciously Different Dinners”. I’ve seen a few of her shows and I REALLY like her! She seems down- to- earth and she’s a hoot! So there! I’m a fan! YUM-O!!!!

This weekend I also did a little clothes shopping. Some nice gray pants and a simple black shirt. Necessities you see.

Oh and something fun...I got us tickets to go see the K3 musical, "De Drie Biggetjes" or " The Three Little Piggies". Kirstie is one spoiled girl. This will be her third time seeing K3!

And last but not least…we got one of those beautiful, fancy shmancy Nespresso machines. We’re not big coffee drinkers but we might as well have a GOOD cup when we do have one! It also does cappuccino and café latte. Now I just have to master working it so I don’t have to ask Hans for help all the time!

Well, that’s all I have time for. I have to go give Kirstie a shower and put her in bed! Bye!

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