Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Weekend (In My Life)

I just love our weekends. I think I've said this before, but I am very blessed with a husband who actually loves to shop. Most Saturday mornings are spent in the city, looking around in stores and sometimes really spending more than we should. Ooops! But anyway, there's no therapy like retail therapy, and Hans knows that! I don't really have a lot to feel guilty about if I think about the things we got yesterday though:

-a pair of really cute magenta Ecco shoes for Kirstie
-some black house shoes for Hans
-a pair of silver eighties ankle boots for me
-a K3 dvd for Kirstie
-lunch at the V&D restaurant (yummy!)

(OK, I did get a new coat, some baking things for Kirstie and a few presents for a friend on Friday, but the weekend officially starts on Saturday morning for us, so that doesn't count here does it?)

Yesterday though, I told Hans I wasn't really in the mood to spend a lot of time going in and out of shops (imagine that!). I wanted to come home and spend the WHOLE afternoon baking! Especially now that I am getting back into the student mode and spend my Sundays working on my studies, I NEED to have at least that Saturday to dive into my kitchen and bake!

I blame Nigella of course. In the last issue of Delicious she wrote about how therapeutic it is to work with yeast. As if I needed an excuse! She featured three recipes: the soft white dinner rolls, a blueberry kuchen and some sweet rolls with pistachios and chocolate. Now those sweet rolls had me salivating! I just LOVE sweet bread! In the recipe she says you can use either milk chocolate or pure chocolate. I used pure as I thought the flavor would be more intense. Well, they were delicious, of course. Hans, who is not a fan of sweet bread was asking if we could have some more after dinner and mind you, I really made them HUGE!

After that, I helped Kirstie bake three little cakes in the new tins I bought for her this Friday. She's really getting baking fever these days and even has a mini mixer! The results had her feeling very proud and let me just add that except for the weighing of the ingredients,which by the way, I usually manage to turn into math class, she pretty much did everything herself. Like mother, like daughter I guess!

The perfect afternoon turned into the perfect evening with the sound of George Harrison's music in the background. I didn't want to make a big fuss over dinner so we had pizza and while we ate we discussed who our favorite Beatle was...again. What more could I ask for????

Some sweet rolls for breakfast perhaps?


Mara said...

Not only look the buns look amazing, the ones Kirstie made are absolutely fabulous, too!
Your Saturday afternoon sounds just like the perfect way of spending time for me :)

Norm said...

What a fabulous weekend! Those buns look gorgeous. And Kirstie... what a mini-Nigella you have there!!

annauk said...

It all sounds so idyllic!!