Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sensitive hearts can easily be broken....

...even if you've just turned seven.

Kirstie has fallen in love. Pretty much at the same age I fell in love with Michael, the boy with the blue eyes and the bowl-shaped, blond hair. And just like me, her heart was broken. She came back from his birthday party very upset yesterday. Out of the two little girls he invited, Shannon was chosen to be his girlfriend. "But mom, Geert is so nice", she tells me through tears. "Yes, baby it's ok, don't worry. I'm sure Geert will still be your friend." We sit at the dinner table and talk about the party and the whole episode is quickly forgotten.

Later that evening though, as I am giving her a shower, she mentions it again and I tell her about Michael. "You see, sweetie, when mommy was just about your age, I also was in love with a boy who didn't like me back, but I was OK in the end." I knew I shouldn't have mentioned the fact that he ripped up the letter with hearts that I had made for him when she broke down in tears again, hugged me and said, "OH NO, mom! Those poor hearts!" I smiled and held her little face in my hands. "It's ok sweetie. If Michael would've liked me back, maybe I would've married Michael instead of your dad and I wouldn't have had the most beautiful baby in the whole entire world." I explained to her that sometimes things happen for a reason and that we should just accept them and move on. Usually better things await. I've learned this lesson myself, many times.

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