Friday, October 27, 2006

Girls' Day Out

I am such a lucky girl! My daughter Kirstie is only six but she really is a mini version of me, which means she LOVES to shop! The only difference is that I'm more of a clothes girl while she has a thing for shoes. Yesterday we took a trip to the city together and I told her that she could choose something nice for herself. One thing. She pulled me into the nearest shoe store!

We had such a lovely day. First we went to the bookshop and I got myself Jamie's new book, Cook. Very nice, thick book and just leafing through it assured me I'd love it. After that we went to the cafe upstairs and had our favorite treat, a yogurt-banana shake! I looked through my new book and Kirstie kept looking at the gorgeous, pink creations adorning her little feet.

After that little break, some more shopping! I think it was Michelle on Mr. X's site that mentioned something about Pashmina shawls which got me thinking...I needed a new shawl for the Fall season! Found one! Not a pashmina but a very nice, aubergine shawl. I'll wear it today to my mother-in-law's house (it's always freezing there!). At a little shop where they sell foreign food, I found some more goodies: coconut milk, red curry paste, some decorations for Kirstie's birthday cake and FIG NEWTONS! Ok not the ones from Nabisco, but they look just like my fig newtons and man do they taste like them! Also found myself a very cool, pink pop art apron!

The last thing we needed was something for dinner. Picked up a beautiful, bright orange organic pumpkin and made Nigella's very tasty Aromatic Pumpkin and Chickpea Hotpot! If you don't try it, I'll hold it against you! Really I will! You owe it to yourself! Mr. "Pumpkins are yuck" licked his plate clean. While I was preparing dinner and sipping a glass of Merlot (the horrors! lol! ;)), I felt giddy. That's what mom and daughter shopping can do to me!

PS: I'm off for the weekend to visit my mother-in-law. Will try and take some pics! See you all Monday!

PPS: Sorry that some of the pics are low quality. Resorted to my camera phone as I am in a hurry to get ready and packed for our weekend trip!

Bye, Bye!

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annauk said...

What a perfect day - all the goodies look fantastic! Tell Kirstie from me her new boots are cool!
The pumpkin hotpot looks delicious btw