Monday, October 23, 2006

The Dunes

Before I met Hans, there was a place he told me lots about- the dunes in Soest, one of the most beautiful places in The Netherlands. This is the place where he would come and walk Meiki and think of me (that's what he told me!). One time he wrote my name in the sand and sat on a hill to look at it, romantic guy that he is! This was one of the first places I wanted to see when I first came to The Netherlands and I still remember how much I loved it there the first time I visited. It is one of our favorite places and sometimes we reminisce about the past and about how far we've come.

It's a lovely place all year round. In the summer, climbing(and sometimes running) up and down those hills is one heck of a workout and in the autumn the scenery is gorgeous, especially with the beautifully colored leaves. There's a Frites stand not too far away and sometimes after a long walk, we treat ourselves to some hot, golden fries with the works: mayo, peanut butter sauce and onions!

Yesterday we spent an afternoon in the dunes and although it wasn't that sunny, Hans still managed to take some nice pictures. Too bad the Frites stand was closed though so when we came home, I baked an apple pie instead! That's what I call a lovely Sunday in late October!


annauk said...

Aaah, how romantic! Your Hubby is one in a million Paola (but you know that already!)
I'm really enjoying your blog!

megan5286 said...

Just beautiful!

and what a romantic guy!