Monday, October 30, 2006


Yesterday was a fun day. We went out in search for the perfect pumpkin and found one that was huge! This year we decided to carve it just a little closer to Halloween. I've been known to carve mine a week before! Like buying and putting up the Christmas tree, making a jack-o-lantern is a family affair here. We take turns cutting, carving and scraping. Kirstie loves getting her hands in there although she always has to say "eeewww" the first time she reaches in and feels all the slimy pulp!

With this event goes a Halloweeny meal so therefore I decided to prepare a few treats from Feast for dinner: Blood and Guts Potatoes, Slime Soup and Graveyard Cake! Aside from the cake, which I thought looked pretty cute, the rest honestly looked disgusting,but tasted great. I decided to make the food even more revolting by randomly placing plastic spiders here and there. We are very limited with Halloween candy here in The Netherlands but I did find some foil wrapped Halloween chocolates which I thought looked rather cute on top of the cake. It really was a fun meal to eat and to make.

Happy Halloween!


annauk said...

Happy Halloween Paola!

What a fantastically shiny cake!
It looks amazing, as does everything else!


Paola said...

Thanks Anna!! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like great fun, and I like the spider touches too. :)

I'm glad you guys had such a lovely time together.


Paola said...

Hi Ilana!

Kirstie was digging the spiders as well!

Was planning on a Halloween meal this morning but am all Halloweened out! Time for some simple pasta and veggies!

megan5286 said...

Ha - what a beautiful Halloween!!!