Thursday, January 09, 2014

New Year, New Adventures!

Happy 2014! On the 1st of January, the Christmas tree was out, the palace was clean, the decor revamped, and I had installed fresh pink roses in a beautiful white vase. Out with the old, and in with the new!
Fortunately, 2013 was very kind to me. I became editor to one of my favorite magazines (DUTCH), spent a whole month in my Duras, published my first serious wine articles (read them here and here), went to Barcelona with my best buddy, decided Saturday was officially 'wine-lunch-with-the-hubby-at-a-nice-restaurant-day', and worked with some fascinating people (including one of my literary heroes, Leo Vroman, and respected food historian, Peter G. Rose ). Not bad. Here's hoping this year will also bring good things!
So far, I can report that as of next week, you'll be seeing me (or my recipes, I should say) in one of the country's top women's magazines -- Vriendin! Don't expect complicated cuisine here. The recipes in the magazine are down-to-earth, easy to follow and suitable for ladies who lead busy lives! Very excited about that, so be sure to look out for my first 'superfood' recipes in the next issue (#3, due out on the 15th of January)! I will also keep you posted on subsequent issues via Twitter.
Have a heathy, happy and fabulous new year!
See that yummy burger? It's made with lentils! And those fries? Sweet potato, of course!