Friday, October 11, 2013


I love shopping in Hilversum. In fact, on most Saturdays, I prefer to leave my own city and head there. They have a better market, nicer shopping streets, an excellent organic butcher, and one of my favorite cooking shops -- Oldenhof.
Interestingly enough, we prefer to have lunch in our own city. Almere has recently added a good selection of restaurants to its repertoire, so no need to drive out for that.
Last weekend, however, hubby and I decided to have lunch in Hilversum again. This time at a restaurant that we had passed by a million times before -- Rex. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we were lucky enough to find a great spot in the glow of the early autumn afternoon sunshine.
I wasn't really expecting much. It was a little after 3 p.m. and most people were just having drinks and nibbles. The first surprise was the wine. They have a nice selection to choose from, and the best part? It's served in a real wine glass: the one and only Riedel!
We first enjoyed a smooth Merlot, and with my meal I had a robust Malbec. I should've asked a little more about the wine though because that's about all I can tell you!
Hans ordered a club sandwich and I ordered the steak tartare -- all the while keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldn't be a sorry disappointment. A steak tartare is something that not every restaurant will get right. Hans once had one that was a sheer terror. Picture a raw hamburger, of poor quality, and you get the picture. Uggh! More steak tartare nightmares? Have a look here.
But the one at Rex was lovely. Nicely seasoned, great texture and pretty darn awesome with the dots of truffle mayo.
Definitely a place we'll return to!