Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Lunch: Vegetarian 'Chicken' Bagel

Happy Saturday guys n' gals!
Hubby and I skipped our usual lunch today and opted for something a little different.
We headed to Bagels & Beans and decided to try their new bagel special with vegetarian 'chicken' chunks from the Vegetarische Slager (Vegetarian Butcher).
First of all, let me clarify: the bagel is not vegan, as I was told. Egg yolks are used in the sauce. So just bear that in mind should that be of concern to you. Basically, the bagel is topped with plant-based 'chicken' chunks served in a sweet & spicy peanut sauce. It comes with a side of atjar (Indonesian pickle), a sprinkling of fried onions and some greens.
The sauce was really warming and not at all heavy like most other peanut sauces (which I'm usually not a fan, by the way), and the pickle added a nice contrast in taste and texture.
Especially with a warm matcha soy latte, it was a nice lunch for this rainy, autumn Saturday!
Have a great weekend!