Friday, August 31, 2012

What Does Life Have in Store For Me Next?

A whirlwind- that's exactly what my life has been like during the last couple of weeks. 
Last Monday I attended the press dinner for Umami, a new Asian restaurant in Rotterdam. The third Umami, in fact. They're also in Utrecht and The Hague. I won't be reviewing the restaurant now (that will definitely come later), but I can assure you that there are only good things to say. From the food to the service, my experience was nothing short of wonderful.
As I was waiting for dessert and finishing the last of my wine (compliments to Umami for the choice there too), I checked my mail. Producers were asking me to join in on the filming of a culinary road trip. I was asked if I could be in Paris the next day to start the shooting at Rungis, the astronomically huge middle of the night market. And if I was willing to travel to France and Spain a few days later. I agreed, met the team the next day and off we went, in a van loaded with filming equipment, on what I think will be an amazing adventure. We're leaving for Toulouse this Sunday.
I thought September was looking bright enough as it is. A new article in Bouillon and my interview in En Route are due to appear within the next few weeks. Exciting things all together. I keep wondering...what does life have in store for me next?

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Loulou in France said...

So many wonderful things happening in your life! Bravo!