Wednesday, August 08, 2012


As much as I love France, there's no place I love more than Duras. In fact, I've often referred to that quaint, medieval village in the southwest of France as 'my heart's home'. Who knows? Perhaps I was a Duraquoise in my past life! It's such a special place, not only for me, but also for the rest of my family.
We've just returned from yet another trip to Duras, resolute that when it comes time to leave the Netherlands, this will become our home. It's where Hans and I want to grow old. But why is Duras so special? 
Well, we've travelled all over France and have enjoyed visiting many wonderful places throughout the country, but it's the little things that make Duras so endearing: fireworks above the château, a firm handshake from a friendly vigneron, sharing evening drinks at one of the loveliest cafés on the planet (Chez Régine), walking through streets that are as familiar as the back of our hands, dining under the stars at Le Cabri, receiving a bottle of wine from an elderly French couple sitting next to us during the Thursday evening market. There is a warmth, a sense of conviviality and a feeling of home that we haven't found anywhere else.
Here are some photos of that wonderfully, magical place...

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