Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blue Cheese! At Last!

Hans hates blue cheese. Just like he hates escargots, offal, bouillabaise and just about any kind of stinky cheese. A shame because sometimes there's nothing I want more than to make something with escargots or spend an evening indulging in a plate of smelly French cheese.
Just last Saturday however, he shocked me. He actually agreed to trying a piece of blue cheese as dessert after our weekly 'at-home-dinner-date'. Mind you though, it was a piece of Dutch blue cheese. Not that I minded. After visiting various dairy farms as part of research for an article, I sure was craving some Dutch cheese! And I was thrilled when I found an organic, blue variety!
At first, I really wasn't sure what to expect in terms of taste, but oh boy did this cheese make me swoon! In fact, it was probably the best blue cheese I've ever had. Sharp yet round. Strong yet with a very mild, slightly peppery finish. My hubby loved it too! We had it with some grapes and washed it down with the bottle of wine we shared over dinner. I'm already looking forward to a repeat this weekend!
PS: you can get the cheese at the Dutch Albert Heijn supermarket.


Barbara said...

Hans is a fool to hate those things.. I would eat them everyday if I had the chance ;)

x Barbara

Paola said...

Yup, a fool indeed! Drop by sometime and eat stinky cheese with me. :)