Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Taste of Spring

We finally had a real taste of spring last Thursday here in the Netherlands. The temperatures went up to about 20C and everyone was out and about, shedding their thick winter coats and flocking to terraces for drinks, friends and sunshine. Of course, we were more than excited about that and spent a good part of the day outdoors. We really needed that after coming back from a warm, sunny France, to our cold wet country.
There is a wonderful market in Bussum held on Thursdays and that's where we started our day. I love walking through the market and filling up my basket with all sorts of fresh vegetables and fruits, but when the sun is shining the experience gets a golden dimension. It's as though everything looks brighter, fresher and just a tad healthier. I was very happy to see the season's first rhubarb and believe it or not, I even saw a stand selling asparagus. I think those will have to wait though.
Between the market and the end of our day outdoors, which was rounded off with a drink and a nibble at a local cafe, we had a lovely wine lunch and a walk on the beach with our dog Pastis. He even had his first swim! It was a great start to spring, but that wasn't the only reason to celebrate. Earlier that day, I found out that Bouillon, one of the top Dutch food magazines, was due to appear the following week. With my piece on Dutch food in the Golden Age! Exciting! Happy spring!

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