Friday, January 06, 2012

Tasty 2012- Galette des Rois

Welcome to 2012! Can you believe how fast the year actually went by? Not to mention the month of December! It still feels like it was just yesterday that we were putting up the Christmas tree and discussing whether to have turkey or rabbit! 
We started the year off on an unusually warm note. There has been rain and even some heavy storms, but you'd be shocked to see just how many things are in bloom! As though spring were just around the corner! Unfortunately, there is still a chance for winter to really kick in. I prefer this though. Cold and me are like water and oil.
But let's talk food again!
I want to tell you about something utterly delicious I bought today- a galette des rois! This beautifully delicate cake is made of buttery puff pastry and frangipane and is eaten in celebration of the Epiphany. There is usually a little trinket (the fève) hidden inside the cake. Whoever finds it, has the privilege of wearing the crown and being king (or queen!) for the day! 
I didn't make this one myself. Instead, in good French tradition, I got mine from the baker, and not just any baker, but the best French baker in the Netherlands- Le Fournil de Sébastien. The shop carries a great selection of French breads, pastries and products such as jams and candies. We love to visit on Saturday mornings for their lovely viennoiserie and a fresh baguette or two to have with our afternoon paté. 
So if you live in the Netherlands and are wondering where to get your authentic galette des rois, than make your way to Hilversum or Amsterdam! 
Have a tasty 2012!

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