Monday, July 11, 2011

A Little Quatorze Juillet in the Netherlands

I must admit, I've been a little sad lately.  Sad because  I will not be celebrating Bastille Day in Duras this year, something I promised I'd always do. On the other hand, I know there's absolutely no reason to complain. We will be there in a month and I already see myself having a pastis at the Tip Top Bar or a fab seafood pizza at Don Camillo's.
But why do I find being away from France during its national holiday so difficult? Well, because my heart is French and because no one can celebrate like the French! On the 14th of July, every French town has a party.  There's food, wine, music, laughter, more wine and at the end, there's fireworks.  The last couple of years we would all gather together at Le Château de Duras for a fantastic display of courage.  Every year the same guy amuses the audience by putting on a bull costume loaded with fireworks. Yup, you read correctly. The fireworks came from his costume! There was also a parade through the town which was great fun. Especially for the kids who carried beautiful lanterns and marched along with the band and with their parents proudly by their side. 
As luck would have it, a few days ago I found out that there was a French celebration (Bonjour Festival) taking place in Breda, just a little more than an hour from here.  I was so happy because I thought this celebration might just make up for the fact that I wouldn't be in Duras this Thursday.  And it sure did!
We spent a wonderfully French Sunday afternoon listening to music, drinking pastis and eating fromage! I was amazed to see how many people, just like us, have also been captivated by France and the French culture. I guess I won't be the only one putting up the French flag this Thursday...

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