Monday, February 02, 2009

Food Snob

I am not ashamed to admit that I am one of the world's biggest food snobs. Let me put it simply- life is to short to eat bad food, and to me 'bad food' doesn't mean chips or chocolate. To me, 'bad food' is food loaded with E- numbers or food that is unethically produced. Sure, a piece of organic meat is more expensive than a piece of meat from the bio industry. But here's the thing- why not eat 'good' meat once or twice a week and leave the bad stuff (which is full of nasties such as antibiotics and growth hormones) for what it is?? Fruits and veggies are tastier when they're in season and when they're organic. So yes, call me a food snob, because I am a food snob! And as a self- proclaimed food snob, let me tell you about my latest discovery- Marqt!

Marqt is a brilliant food market which recently opened in Amsterdam and Haarlem. I can sort of describe Marqt as a cross between Dean & Deluca and Whole Foods. They sell everything from bread to fish to produce- everything delicious and everything produced with respect for nature. I've been there three times already and I love it! The bread is fantastic, the cheeses exceptional and the fish to die for! Hans is diligently getting up every Saturday morning to drive us there because let me tell you, like me, my dear husband is also a food snob!

If you're living in The Netherlands, this is definitely a place you'll want to visit again and again. You palate (and nature) will be very pleased!


Norm said...

Hurray for food snobs! I'm a bit of one too. I can't see the point of buying things like sub-standard, flavourless strawberries in February. I'd rather wait until I they are local, ripe, and delicious (not to mention MUCH cheaper!) and then gorge myself on them in the Summer!

That shop looks fabulous.

Loulou said...

Mmm...that shop looks amazing! If I ever get up there, I'll have to remember its name. I love visiting food shops in other countries.

dutchgrub said...

Would definitely consider myself a food snob, too. But am still torn about Marqt.

The shop does look great and has some good products, definitely the bread and fish you mentioned. I couldn't wait for its opening about a year ago.

But I have also been disappointed. Sometimes the concept seems to take over, for example the many gorgeous looking but average tasting sauces. And some things are impractical such as the very limited milk and dairy sections.

Fiona said...

That shop *does* look amazing! And so incredibly tidy. Whole Foods sometimes tries for a "spilling out of the cornucopia" effect, but it feels messy to me. I like Marqt much better.

Lovely blog - my mother referred me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do love Marqt in Haarlem. I found some American products there as well, like maple syrup, and a nice variety of Japanese products. The produce is awesome, and there were even dried habenero peppers! They also discount their pre-prepared dishes on the day before the "use by" date, which make great lazy work lunches. Angelabne

Anonymous said...

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Paola said...

Totally agree. I can't bear even the sight of strawberries in other people's shopping carts in December!!

Me too! As you can imagine, France is my playground as far as food shopping is concerned!

I'm sorry your experience hasn't been that good. The shop is still young, so hopefully it will expand and carry more of the things you like.

The shop is great indeed! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Glad to hear you love the shop too!

Thanks darling! I've ordered!


Treehouse Chef said...

Awesome new market. We have whole foods here in my area. Enjoyed reading your post.