Thursday, September 04, 2008

Raising a Glass

I'm feeling very lucky at this point in my life now. My passion is also my work and not a day goes by without me realizing how wonderful that is. It doesn't matter that I'm not raking in millions- the only thing that matters is that I wake up in the morning eager to get behind the computer to write about food or in the kitchen- to create!

Of course I should also mention that the feedback I get from so many wonderful people is very motivating! My students first of all, especially Judith who recently cooked a three course dinner for us in her lovely apartment in Amsterdam. The girl who thought she couldn't cook made us lick our lips and with her wonderful meal! Then there's my recipe testers. They have been so helpful with great tips and interesting feedback. I don't think I'll ever stop telling them just how much I appreciate what they're doing for me! And of course, the people who write to thank me for bringing back a lovely food memory or for posting a recipe they really enjoyed. I never thought I'd get such lovely letters from so many people all over the world! Thank you to each and every one of you for keeping me motivated!

My plans are still growing and I'm still developing new and interesting ideas- everything from new recipes to new adventures. One of them is to start my own cooking school in France sometime in the future. I adore the country and the food so it makes sense to explore that option as well. In the meantime, I'm keeping myself busy by surrounding myself with the French culture, learning the language, visiting the country, tasting and writing. I've started writing about the French kitchen for Suite 101. I really hope to inspire you with my stories about the food in this vibrant country!

Starting my own company and writing a book in a language that is not my own can sometimes prove to be a daunting experience, but I'm feeling the love and it's keeping me going! I'm raising a glass to you!

PS: And thank you to those of you who have been voting for my French photos!!


Gloria (Canela) said...

Querida Paola estoy MUY contenta que me hayas venido a ver amiga, me vas a creer que ayer me acordè de tì? incluso anduve buscando tu mail y no lo encontraba, Te deseo que estès muy bien, linda foto de tu gravatar, te mando muchos cariños, besos, Gloria

tartasacher said...

Hola Paola. Qué guapísima estás muchas gracias por tu visita y tus comentarios. Hace tiempo que no nos habíamos "visto". Un beso muy fuerte y voy a ver todo lo que tienes por aquí, como siempre apasionante, delicioso y fotos maravillosas. Besos miles.

Sandy said...

Paola, I am thrilled to hear about future plans you have to open a cooking school. I think your passion si too great to keep in your own kitchen, and spreading it around can only bring more goodness.
You are an inspirational woman!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Congratulations, Paola! This is all exciting news, and it is truly great when one can live one's passion.

Anna said...

Paola, you are one inspirational lady!!!!!!!!!!!
I love your enthusiasm, your love of life and family....everything!

Paola said...

Thanks girls. :) This is simply what brings me joy, so I'm doing just that! :)


Spudlover said...

Paola, what a great post!
Very happy that you are doing so well :)