Thursday, January 04, 2007

Love, and hope for the future

I rang in the new year in a very special way this year. At midnight, I very gently woke up Kirstie so she could witness her first fireworks display. I had told her earlier that I might do that but that she would have to promise to go back to sleep afterwards, which she did without any problems. We all went up to the attic where we could get the best view and Kirstie sat on my lap, enveloped by the red, flannel shawl I wore. I just kept planting big kisses on her little head and thinking how lucky I was. It truly was magical.

I have become so much more of myself and truly a better person since I became a mom. With the birth of Kirstie I finally realized what was important in my life. Suddenly trivial things like pleasing the world became less important. Becoming a mom has pushed me to pursue everything I've ever wanted with a thousand times more conviction than I've ever had. I want to be a role model for my child and I want to let her see that dreams can easily become realities if you just believe in yourself and work hard enough. Most importantly though, I want her to see that good things all begin with love.

Two very special little beings were born in 2006. On Hans' birthday, the 8th of April, my dearest friend Maggie, gave birth to her beautiful little girl, Natalia. I was so proud of this tough cookie. She gave birth underwater, all by herself. Maggie is one of those women that give me hope in the world, a mom who like me, believes that the magic word is "love". A few months later I became an aunt to Arianna, my brother's gorgeous little girl. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing this beautiful child grow, even if from afar. Thanks Jasmine and Bernie for all those gorgeous pictures...keep 'em coming!

I really think these little girls, mine included, are our hope for the future. Sometimes I wonder where they will be twenty years from now. One thing I know for sure is that the love we give them now will make a huge difference in their life which in turn will enable them to make a huge difference in the world. Love IS the answer, and our hope for the future.

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annauk said...

Paola, you are so right.
Unconditional love is what it's all about!!
Love that keeps going on and on, whatever else happens in life.
All 4 girls are beautiful!!
But, yikes, a water birth...what a brave girl!