Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pretty in Pink Birthday Party

Boy, time DOES fly! Kirstie will be turning seven this Sunday! We usually celebrate her birthday a few days early because a lot of people obviously aren't available on the 31st! Yesterday we threw a party for her and nine of her closest friends (two boys included!). See, Kirstie has no problem with boys and boys seem to be ok around her, even though the ones that were here yesterday thought everything that was pink, which was pretty much EVERYTHING, had cooties. Still, they managed to sneak a very pink cupcake when no one was looking!

It was lots of fun keeping the kids entertained with games like "pin the tail on the donkey" and "pass the stuffed animal",which we played to Kirstie's favorite song "Dominic The Donkey". I also gave the kids English Christmas crackers this year because I thought they would enjoy the bang! Kirstie was spoiled rotten with lovely presents and the fun's not over yet...tomorrow she has OUR presents coming!

The cake was what I would call my first real birthday cake success. It was a recipe from "More From Magnolia". Kirstie was very amused with the pinkness of the cake and also with the cupcakes which I made a bit brighter and decorated with sprinkles.

PS: She also made her own cake, in clay, and I thought I'd share that one with you as well!

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