Thursday, March 07, 2013

Ready to let my mid-30s rock!

I celebrated another birthday yesterday. Another year to be grateful for. A year which brought me only wonderful things: good health, new and exciting work opportunities and plenty of love. It was the year in which I sold almost all of the recipes I wrote -- recipes that were written from the heart and had a history in my kitchen. The year in which a few phone calls had me pinching myself in disbelief. One was from the fantastic French magazine, En Route. They ran an interview about me and my love of France in their Autumn 2012 edition, and they also featured one of my recipes on their website. The other call was from Tonia Buxton, whom I had the pleasure of interviewing. Wow! It was also the year that saw me being followed around by a film crew in Spain and France during a whole week for the shooting of a culinary roadtrip for a kitchen appliance manufacturer. Sounds glamorous? Well, it was! I was pretty much speechless the whole week. How could I not be?! It was also the year in which I became associate editor to my favorite magazine, and the year in which I started writing about wine, another one of my passions.
So what did I do yesterday to celebrate? The simple stuff that makes me happy. I cooked beautiful food, went out for lunch with my fantastic husband, invited my best friend (soul sister) for dinner, fell in love with both the pan and the cookbook I got for my birthday, and went to sleep with a smile on my face.
~I'm ready to let my mid-30s rock!

My birthday dinner, pollo e agnello al forno. A recipe from the fantastic book 'La Cucina d'Abruzzo. Made in my beautiful Le Creuset casserole. The only addition I made to the dish was the lemon. Very delicious!

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