Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bubble Tea!

I went out for a drink with my super cool friend Michelle today. We don't meet up an awful lot, but when we do, it's great fun. She can put up with my ridiculous sense of humor and that's something you just have to love. After a cup of tea and a good chat, we went for a little walk in the city and had a look at a few shops. One of them was a rather fun foodie shop I'm very eager to tell you about- the Bubble Tea shop in Almere!
For those who aren't familiar with the drink, it's a Taiwanese concoction that came into existence during the 1980s and seems to be very popular in Asian countries. Basically it's a fun, tea-based drink (green or black) which includes fruit or milk, a variety of toppings and small balls of tapioca (called 'pearls' which are optional, thanks Sarah!). The drink is mixed in a 'shaker-like' machine, sealed and presented with an extra wide straw. I had the green tea variety with milk, aloe vera and lychee- such a zippy little drink! I loved the 'pop' of the little pearls and the aromatic flavor courtesy of the lychees!
Granted, I cannot endorse the healthy or unhealthy aspects of this drink and I am aware of the fact that there have been some controversial studies published about it recently. While I don't think this is something I will drink often - like Cherry Coke, which I do admit to drinking on Christmas Eve while I wrap presents - it was certainly a fun experience!
Korte Promenade 19, Almere


Sarah said...

Oh I love bubble tea! It's really popular here in Melbourne (we have a big Chinese/Taiwanese/Asian population here).

Just one thing: it's called bubble tea for the bubbles in the tea itself because it gets shaken up. The (optional) tapioca balls are called pearls! :)

Next time you try it, if the shop has coconut jelly, I strongly suggest you try them instead of (or in addition to!) the pearls. So good! I love the chewy goodness! :)

xox Sarah

Paola said...

Thank you, Sarah! I stand corrected! :)