Saturday, July 07, 2012

Interviewing Tonia Buxton of My Greek Kitchen

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get a very special assignment. The Dutch women's magazine (for which I write food articles and develop recipes) asked me to interview Greek-Cypriot cook Tonia Buxton. Tonia's second season of My Greek Kitchen will be airing here in the Netherlands today and it promises to be chock full of rustic Mediterranean dishes made with beautiful fresh ingredients. In the series we'll see Tonia in Cyprus cooking and eating with her family. She told me she really wanted the viewer to be a part of her family. When I said,  "as though we're sitting at your table", she enthusiastically responded "absolutely, that's the perefct line, at my table".
We talked about the ingredients she loves (especially cinnamon and rosewater), about how she learned to cook at her mother's side, about her upcoming book and about why she was inspired to make the series. It was but a short 20 minute conversation, yet within that tiny space of time, she really managed to inspire me. I literally wanted to go pluck tomatoes and fragrant herbs and make something, anything, with rosewater! 
Dutch readers can check out the interview here: Paola's Interview with Tonia Buxton. The first episode airs Saturday the 7th of July at 18:50 hrs on TLC.

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