Monday, October 03, 2011

The Weekend of Cloudless Skies and Inspiring Books

Good things have happened this weekend and I am very excited to share some of them!
To begin with, we have been having glorious weather. Sun, sun, and more sun! In fact, I don't think I've seen a real cloud in the past week. I've actually had to pinch myself wondering if I was really in the Netherlands!
So what does one do when the sun comes to visit? Go outside as much as possible, of course! That meant lots of outdoor dinners, drinks by the harbor and coffee in the late morning sunshine. Now before you start complaining about the fact that I talk about the weather quite a lot on this blog, let me just defend myself by saying that I am Dutcher than I think! Here in the Netherlands, talking about the weather is something we're programmed to do. It's as normal as the air we breathe! Everyone is always talking about the weather!
But let me get on to the really good news...
This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of finally seeing the book I had collaborated on! Vis & Vega!*
This gorgeous book with rustic, earthy and incredibly enticing photos, includes a collection of deliciously inspiring vegetarian and fish recipes for the whole year. The recipes are not only a welcomed variation from the usual beef, pork and chicken, but they are also clear-cut and easy to follow. It's really one of those books that makes life very hard on you because you can't help but wonder which recipe to try first! My four recipes come from my own personal collection. You'll find them on page 86, 118, 123 and 153. I've included one of my favorite quiche recipes, a savory clafoutis, an asparagus tarte and a halloumi salad. So if your Dutch is any good, stop reading this right now and go order the book! Happy cooking!

*The book is only available in Dutch. 


Kelly @ Kell's Kitchen said...

The weather is jut amazing; I can't believe I'm celebrating Leidens Ontzet in the sun - normally I have to take my umbrella everywhere I go ;-)

Congratulations on getting your recipes published in this new cookbook! Must be so exciting to see your own recipe in print! Will be heading to the bookstore soon to check it out.

Paola said...

I'm glad you've also enjoyed the weaher, Kelly! I have fond memories of 3 October. Used to celebrate too when I was studying at the university. :)
Hope you like the book!