Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Forgotten Tins

I'm ashamed to admit that as far as my baking is concerned, I've become a little boring. Besides my financiers, madeleines or canelés, all I bake is muffins and cakes. Why boring? Well, not in terms of flavor- it's not like I'm only baking blueberry muffins- but in terms of shape. 
You see, I happen to have just about every shape and design of baking tin known to man. From odd-looking snowman tins to really pretty bundt tins that are basically serving as wall decoration and hardly being used. Shame on me.
I also have a few of those silicone baking molds which, as opposed to my other bakeware, I have guiltlessly abandoned. The few times I've used them (just to see if I was the one doing something wrong), my baked goods came out pale and soggy. I've  never understood how you can bake something like canelés in those molds. 
After a good rummage through my cabinets yesterday, I came across my baby bundt tin- one of those things that has only been used once, maybe twice. I purchased it somewhere after Nigella Lawson's  How to Be a Domestic Goddess came out- a fab book that I wholeheartedly blame for starting my love affair with my oven. Shhh, don't tell my hubby!
I needed that tin to make her lemon baby bundt cakes. Just like I needed a heart-shaped tin to make her chocolate raspberry heart. And a foot-shaped cookie cutter to make cheesy feet. Can you guess when my addiction to bakeware started?