Friday, March 05, 2010

Savory Tarts

Sometimes, you get hit with a sudden burst of inspiration.  That happened to me not too long ago when I was preparing an intimate dinner-for-two.  I had a stew slowly simmering away on the stove and I wanted to make a small appetizer that Hans and I could enjoy with a glass of wine while the stew finished cooking.  There wasn't much in the fridge.  Just some salad, a few slices of bacon and a little goats cheese. A look in the freezer and in the pantry gave me an idea though.  I had puff pastry and I had a jar of onion confit that I had purchased in the south of France back in July.
Aha!  I would make little, savory tarts! And I would serve them on a bed of salad dressed with something sweet to round off all those magnificent flavors!