Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Restaurant Reviews and Chocolate Cake

One of the things I always wanted to do was write restaurant reviews. I love to eat out and always romanticized the thought of visiting a restaurant and then rushing back home to pour all of my delicious (or not so delicious) impressions into a review. I imagined how my words would make others run to the restaurant-  or, consider spending their money somewhere else. Boy was I thrilled when I found a copy of the Holland Times on my doormat- with my first restaurant review!

For this edition, I wrote about Restaurant de Kemphaan- a restaurant that works with locally harvested, organic ingredients.  I've mentioned their Saturday market here before, but this was the first time I actually had dinner at the restaurant.  The food and wine were delicious and the service was great.  But that's all I'm going to say!  Make sure you get your copy of the Holland Times!

You can also check out my recipe for the fabulous cake in the photo, by the way!

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