Wednesday, November 04, 2009


What did you do this Halloween?? I decided to throw a spooky, somewhat elegant Halloween dinner party!

I really wanted to make a whole production of it this year, our first year in our new house. The plans started months in advance and I had the help of a very good friend- Miss Martha Stewart. Those of you who know Martha (or me)can probably imagine what that meant- lots of crafty decorations, a carefully planned menu and attention to the tiniest of details. So there we were, tearing into black construction paper, thinking of the spookiest tunes to play and putting together a disgustingly appealing menu!

The menu:


Pina Ghoulada with Monster Eyeballs:I won't mention the incident with RED food coloring that took place. Now that was scary as hell!

Escargots- simply because they look creepy- but taste heavenly!

Slime Soup: There simply is no Halloween without this one at my house!

My Texas Chainsaw Chilli accompanied by Nigella's Blood and Guts Potatoes

Chocolate Chestnut Death Cake with Glossy Mud.

The dinner was rounded off with chocolate- covered goat poop and an assortment of liqueurs.

And of course, we enjoyed this ghastly meal overlooking the graveyard!

Hope you also had a fun Halloween!


A Dutch Brit said...

I love it- especially the mice.
Yes we are really young at heart. Halloween is really a time when we can go over the top. Whatever did the neighbours think? Great decorations.
I was inspired by Marta Stewart to make the severed finger cookies.
Tell us more about the goat poop- you were kidding? I hope...


Sonya said...

Wow that is fantastic!! The mice are the best!

Paola said...

LoL Vanessa! The goat poop was chocolate covered amaretto cookies! :) Severed fingers sound fab!

Thanks Sonya! We had a lot of fun!