Thursday, October 22, 2009


Sometimes friends jokingly tell Hans how lucky he is to have me as a wife. Imagine that- a home-cooked meal ready on the table every day after he comes home from work! And look at the dinner parties I host! And how tidy my house (usually) is! Superwife!
Well, I certainly don't consider myself utterly virtuous just because I do what I love, and that, of course, is taking care of my family. The great thing is that my family also takes care of me!

Who could possible be more lucky than a wife who hears "I'm going to cook you breakfast this weekend"? Not just toast and coffee, but a proper cooked breakfast complete with grilled mushrooms, tomatoes and the best scrambled eggs ever. It doesn't end there though. Sometimes I get surprised with gorgeous dinners (like the time I was served Beef Wellington), complete with candlelight and lovely music.

The little one is also one heck of a culinary cutie. She's there to help with the preparation of anything sweet and she doesn't mind rolling all the meatballs for my pasta sauce.

Honestly, I think we're a lucky family.


Beatriz Macias said...

you certainly are!

julie said...

You are! And in troubled times, it's the best refuge : home and family.

Kirstie has grown so much!


A Dutch Brit said...

But does he clear up afterwards?
I know men can be terribly messy with food preparation (well in general actually! I am outnumbered here!)
It seems to me you two (3) have found the perfect 'recipe' for happiness!


Paola said...

And so are you, Beatriz!

Julie, you're very right. And yes, she is going to be bigger than me at this rate! BTW, I adore your lowfat brownies!!

LOL, Vanessa! Yes, he even cleans up afterwards!

Sandy said...

You are all so lucky. And mostly, I think, because you appreciate it all.
Your daughter certainly is a cutie, too. And I just love your kitchen.