Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Perfect Springtime Meal

It was my honest intention to wait until the weekend for what I consider to be one of the big events of the year- my first asparagus meal! But yesterday I succumbed to my own impatience and ditched my planned weekday meal for a plate of the season's first asparagus!

Now I know there are a million and one ways to eat asparagus, but nothing beats them steamed and served with thin slices of ham, a soft boiled egg and plenty of melted butter. The final touch is nothing more than a generous sprinkling of parsley and a pinch of freshly- ground nutmeg. Serve that with a crusty baguette and a bottle of Pinot Blanc from Alsace and you have the perfect springtime meal!


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for months. When you wrote about the Noordermarkt and shopping along Haarlemerstraat, you brought back the most joyful memories, but your entry today floods my heart to overflowing. The photo could have been taken at the last meal my husband and I shared with our very dearest friend in the world - Herman - the most charming gentleman on the Lijnbaansgracht. From Seattle I feel closer to our home away from home than I have in ages. THANK YOU! I hope on our next trip to walk and shop in my favorite city with you!
Gwendolyn -

Sylvia said...

I agree, steamed with slices of ham are the best way to serve and of course, eat it

Paola said...

Dear Gwendolyn,

Your comment has absolutely made my day! What a wonderful thing it is to know that I have brought you joy, even in a small way. That is, of course, the purpose of my blog- to bring joy and to inspire. I thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to write. It would be my pleasure to have you along on one of my culinary walks.

Best regards,

Thanks Sylvia. I think asparagus season is the highlight of spring for me!

vonsachsen said...

Paula, please drop by my blog, there is something wainting for you :)


tartasacher said...

Hola Paola:

Qué bonito se ve siempre tu blog y qué recetas tan buenas. Venía para desearte buenas noches y para que sepas que casi todos los días visito tu blog. Aunque no deje comentarios. Me encantan los estos biscotti que tienes y el bizcocho o pastel de yogur, Aquí también se hace mucho, aunque es un poquito diferente. Gracias por estas cosas tan ricas y las fotos tan hermosas. Ahora voy a ir a ver a Gloria y a Isa. Besos y buenas noches

Beatriz' suitcase contents said...

I love asparagus! Enough said... I will eat them in my dreams... Love the picture too.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Paola, that is the kind of lunch I love having on Saturdays, with my husband.

Kelly-Jane said...


Paola said...

Thanks for the award, Eva! It's quite an honor coming from you!

Hola Tartasacher, mil gracias por tus comentarios. Que bueno que mi blog te gusta!

Hi Beatriz! That makes two of us! I'm having them this weekend again. :)

Hi Patricia, I love sharing this meal just with Hans as well, and you know what- maybe I should! Kirstie isn't thrilled when she sees asparagus on her plate!

Delicious indeed, KJ! The best part of spring!