Tuesday, April 08, 2008

One Lucky Man!

It's Hans' birthday today and I thought I should tell you about... what else? The FOOD!

To kick of this festive day, our breakfast consisted of the most decadent chocolate cake known to mankind- Nigella's Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake. Now believe me, I've tried many chocolate cake recipes but this one is the epitome of chocolaty goodness. It is rich, dark, luscious, sexy (yes, sexy), sinful, intense... I think I can go on forever singing the praises about this cake! I made the cake yesterday because in my opinion, it is best to make the cake a day in advance. I've noticed that the flavor seems to 'mature' somehow and only get better. We also like the way the frosting hardens in the fridge and becomes even fudgier! So, that was how we started our day! Hans also got some homemade presents from Kirstie, including two of Snow White's dwarfs, which she took from her own night stand because she thought they might like to keep Dad company on his. He also got tickets to see Wende Snijders (our favorite French chansonnière) this Saturday and the promise to be taken out to dinner- his choice.

And now about tonight's dinner- Hans likes a good burger, and by good I mean made fresh with the best ingredients! Organic beef flavored with minced shallots, lots of garlic, smoked paprika powder, Worcestershire sauce, oregano, a little Tabasco, salt, pepper and then grilled with plenty o' love! I served some oven baked home fries with that- thick slices of potatoes with the skins left on and tossed with olive oil, coarse sea salt, garlic and lots of pepper! The food came out pretty good considering the fact that this was actually my first time attempting a real hamburger!

I think my dear husband is one lucky man! ;)


Gloria said...

Pienso lo mismo, Paola se ve delicioso!!Oye asì que Hans es Aries, Gerardo papà tambien està de cumpleaños las pròxima semana estaba justamente pensando que torta le harè. Felicidades a Hans y a tì. xxGloria (¿ còmo es tù Aries? el mìo un poco porfiado! pero muy bueno.


Oh my goodness! This looks wonderful. Chocolate cake for breakfast? Life sounds pretty darn good for him right about now. You sure know how to make someone feel special on their birthday!!!

Nicoletta said...

One lucky man he certainly IS! :):):) Gefeli, Hans, ook al ben ik een dag laat! :)

Paola said...

Mil Gracias Gloria! Pues el mio un poquito tambien! Pero es todo un amor!

Thanks Sara! Cake for breakfast is the ultimate luxury! Especially when our breakfast usually looks like something out of a health book!

Grazie mille Nicoletta! Ook van Hans!!


Beatriz' suitcase contents said...

Auguri! I have to try this cake, you have made me a fan without even a taste... Saturday sounds like a good day to try it. I will let you know.

Sandy said...

Yes, he is lucky to have a meal like that! It is making me wat a burger, and it's only 9am here!

Happy Birthday Hans!

Anonymous said...

Hans is very lucky Paola, that food looks amazing. Just my kind of burger, although I prefer mine in challah buns :)
The chocolate cake is a stunner, often I add a drop of rose water to the mix too and that always goes down a storm.

Happy Birthay Hans!!

Patricia Scarpin said...

He's lucky because he has you!
That cake is absolutely beautiful, Paola.

Hillary said...

Oh wow! He IS lucky! Burgers and an amazing cake? Perfect birthday meal. Great job!

Deborah said...

It doesn't get any better than chocolate cake for breakfast!

Paola said...

Beatriz, let me know if you try it! Although it might kill you with its goodness!! ;)

Thanks Sandy!! It WAS indeed a nice burger! I was rather pleased with myself! ;)

Thanks George! I also adore rosewater! About a year ago I made a lovely rosewater chocolate cake:
Great stuff indeed!

Thank you Patricia! You are such a sweetheart! :)

Thank you Hillary! Well, I always think you have to be VERY naughty on your birthday and eat like it's your last meal!

Thanks Deborah! I think everyone should have cake for breakfast every so often!!


tartasacher said...

Hola Paola: Gracias por visitar mi blog, yo puse un enlace al tuyo y ya he visto que tú has hecho lo mismo. Gracias. Qué pastel tan bueno, me llevo un trocito. Gracias a esa persona maravillosa que es Gloria, he llegado hasta este precioso lugar, que como ya te dije me trae gratos recuerdos. Ya ves que en mi blog tengo puesto un precioso zueco holandés. Besos y hasta pronto.

Almudena said...

No sé si me gusta más la tarta de chocolate o la hamburguesa,las dos parecen muy apetecibles...
Un saludo.

tartasacher said...

Hola Paola. Me gustaría que te pasases prontito por mi blog para recoger algo que tengo para ti. Deseo te guste y te espero con algún rico dulce y sobre todo deseo que te encuentres a gusto en mi "casa". Besos

tartasacher said...

Hola Paola: Gracias por venir a buscar el premio a mi blog. Me habló de ti Gloria y no estaba segura de si eras holandesa o no, sólo sabía que "hablabas" muy bien español. entré en tu blog y me gusto mucho, mucho, por ello, me acordé de ti a la hrao de los remios. Un beso muy grande y ahora ya sé un poquito más de ti. Qué bien hablar tan perfectamente tantos idiomas. Seguiré visitándote. Hasta luego

Mevrouw Cupcake said...

What a perfect birthday dinner! My mouth is watering!

Paola said...

Hola Almudena! Gracias por visitar mi blog!

De nuevo, muchas gracias Tartasacher por tu premio!

Hi Mevrouw Cupcake! The cake is long gone, but oh man did we enjoy it!


violets said...

Paola, you are a girl after my own heart I think the old fashioned chocolate cake is one of the best ever.

Those burger and chips look mighty good, I could sink my teeth into that fab look burger right now.

By the way I've tagged you my friend, details are on my blog.

Vi xx

Anna said...

Yup! It's my favourite choccy cake too!

Hans IS a lucky man! :-)