Thursday, April 17, 2008

Naughty Food

As much as I love to cook and dine properly (table nicely set, good bottle of wine on the side), there's nothing more liberating than throwing together a terribly caloric meal in under ten minutes and then gobbling it up on the couch with my feet up. That's why when Hans called yesterday to say that he was going to be a little late, I took the opportunity to feed Kirstie first, send her off to sleepyland and then prepare a little something for the two of us. A very decadent 'little something' that is!

This is hardly a recipe and in fact, it's what I call part of my "Naughty Nigella Repertoire': pasta with lardons, lots of garlic, good olive oil and plenty of parsley. Nigella uses linguine, but I used whole wheat spaghetti, being the 'good girl' that I am...

I strongly recommend letting your hair down and polishing off a huge bowl of this every once in a while- on the couch, in the bathtub (Nigella's choice), or in bed (probably also 'Nigella approved').


Anna said...

Hi Paola!
There's nothing like letting your hair down once in a while! :-)
Sorry I haven't visited you for a while, but I've been on my health kick and have been spending lots of time at the gym. Hope you and your lovely family are all well

Ellieut said...

Oh my goodness, that looks so delish. I love the idea of dinner in the bathtub!

Paola said...

Hi Anna!

It's always nice to see you here, but I know very well what changes you've been going through and I only applaud you for that. All the best of luck!:)

Hi Elliet, and welcome! It does sound very decadent doesn't it? I think that sometimes we do ourselves a lot of good by letting go of our inhibitions and getting a little crazy!


Deborah said...

I have plenty of nights like that - and this sounds like the perfect dish for one of these times!

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favourite Nigella dishes, and there's nothing wrong with relaxing and letting your hair down every so often - it's good for you :)

Sandy said...

This is one of my favorite stand by dinners. I can consume massive amounts of this pasta anyday.

Your parsley looks like such a fresh addition.