Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Break

Happy Easter! I woke up Easter morning, had two ristrettos and immediately went to work. My mission was to put together a lovely brunch for the three of us. First, I set the table: lemon yellow and lime tablecloth, egg- shaped candles in egg cups, pretty pale blue napkins, chocolate eggs scattered everywhere and a present from the Easter Bunny by Kirstie's plate. Then I went to work on the food- my favorite part! The menu was:

- two types of sandwiches: sourdough with cream cheese, cucumber and alfalfa sprouts, and smoked salmon on multi- grain
-a stollen with mixed dried fruits and marzipan (it was left over from Christmas so basically all I had to do was defrost it)
-a lemon and poppy seed cake which I made the night before and frosted the next morning with creme fraîche mixed with powdered sugar and a scattering of colorful egg- shaped sprinkles
-matze crackers with butter, rosebud jam and marmalade
boiled eggs
-fresh- squeezed orange juice

Quite a bit you might think, and indeed- we were stuffed to the brim after the sandwiches alone! With the exception of the eggs and the juice, everything else was wrapped up and put into the fridge! It's true, I am sometimes guilty of making too much food on such occasions but hey, that's why they call them "special occasions"! We feasted on the rest throughout the day though!

Dinner was simple but tasty- a roast chicken, a salad of lamb's lettuce served with Hans' balsamic vinaigrette and a whole wheat baguette. We also opened a bottle of red Château Bellevue La Forêt, a present from my friend Yolanda which she bought for me in Paris. It was a lovely dinner- the kind that makes your husband make goo-goo eyes at you from across the table!

Today I'm getting ready to make another brunch, this time a little less fussy: whole wheat rolls, Dutch boerenkaas, an omelette with chestnut mushrooms, a simple salad and some freshly- pressed carrot juice. After that we might go check out the fair at our local organic farm. I've thoroughly enjoyed my Easter and I hope you did yours too!


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

It sounds like a lovely Easter! I'm glad it was a good one.

Anna said...

How lovely and Summery it all looks, well done Paola!

Kitchen Goddess said...

Happy Easter Paola!

All the food sounds and looks gorgeous :)


Sandy said...

Oh, it sounds lovely, especially the sandwiches. I love the colours at your table too.
Happy Easter Paola!

V said...

Yes Anna: I agree, it does look lovely and summery, but Paola: you're not going to convince me... you didn't eat outdoors did you? Or didn't it snow in your neck of the woods?
We've been known to bbq at Easter...but NOT this year..!haha
Everything looks yummy....simple but delicious.
The bit about hubby made me laugh...yes some things never change...The way to a man's heart is through his stomsch!

Paola said...

Hi Jen,
Thanks!I hope you had a good one, too!

Hi Anna,
Thanks so much! It's funny that you say it looks summery, because that's exactly the effect I was going for! Well, not exactly summery, but warm, springlike... The reason being that we've had a late winter here in The NL and it's been snowing on and off! I needed a little warmth!

Hi George,
Happy Easter to you too! I bet you made some great food as well!

Hi Sandy,
Thanks! It was lovely. I love these excuses to eat to my heart's content! ;)

Hi Vanessa,
WHAT kind of weather is this??!! We did have some snow but only on and off. Not much sticking around. There were clear periods with lots of sunshine and that's when I took the opportunity to snap some piccies. I adore outdoor food photos! And speaking of photos...I'm SO excited! Yesterday we got a Cannon EOS 30D! I can't wait to take some real good pictures very soon! Hope you had a gorgeous Easter!


Gloria said...

Looks lovely Paola!!!! Estoy contenta que estès de vuelta ¿Còmo has estado??? Feliz Pascua de Resurreciòn!!! and Happy Easter!!!xxxxGloria

Yolanda said...

Oh my God, this is what you meant. Everything looks and sounds so delicious !! :o)
I'm glad you enjoyed the wine.
By the way, congratulations on your new camera!!!
Big kiss.