Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pink Flowered Gloves and Lilac Dutch Clogs...

I really can’t believe that I grew up in a city. There was a time, long, long ago when I cried after a nature walk through a jungle in Costa Rica. I hated how my makeup melted under the hot sun and how my beautiful Guess shoes got filthy. My idea of fun had nothing to do with nature, much less with food. And here I am, pondering the thought of digging up some extra space in the garden to start growing more fruits and vegetables. I currently have an apple tree, a cherry tree, a hazelnut tree and various herbs and spices. Last year there were tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, peppers and chillies, but for some reason, they all died on me. You see, I am really not that brilliant when it comes to gardening and in fact, I am only a beginner learning by trial and error.

Now though, the time has come and I am determined to make it work! There is a reasonably large space next to the house and we are planning on digging it up and planting some vegetables there along with more herbs and spices. Carrots, radishes, rhubarb, onions, leeks, maybe Belgian endive, perhaps some potatoes. I’ll also give last year’s failures a chance again. Funny how I find myself getting happy goosebumps just thinking about the possibilities!

But first, a lot of hard work and reading await!

PS: I do think I need some pretty pink flowered gardening gloves though! And maybe some lilac Dutch clogs to go with that!


Beatriz' suitcase contents said...

I can see how growing your own fruit and vegetables would be the ultimate trill for a foodie like you! I wish you happy times planting,,, pink gardening gloves are a good idea, as long as they have room for a green thumb!

Petra said...

Lucky you, many trees and a garden full of things!..I'm so jealous...but well, I'm a student, so it would be quite impossible for me to have a nice garden on the 8th floor :/ We used to have a garden at home with stuff like 'boerenkool' (sorry, my english is not that good), potatoes, onions and all kind of herbs. I hated to dug the weed out, but fresh ingredients are much better :) I'm dreaming of having my own garden some time...
Good luck with yours!

Sandy said...

Paola, I also have a lot of work ahead of me in this area this year. Reading, planning, and getting my hands dirty in my garden.
Good Luck with yours, I would love to see and hear about your progress.

V said...

Good luck! I find gardening very frustrating, while oregano (or is it marjoraan?) and the dreaded mint is sprouting up everywhere, the herbs I love: coriander, basil and selderie (is this the Dutch word?) all die on me!
I did manage to grow some lovely raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, & blackcurrants but last year ...nothing! Pumpkins are fun to grow too! Actually gardening is just as challenging as cooking, it just takes longer!
Keep us informed!

Paola said...

Hi Beatriz,
It is THE ultimate thrill! I can't tell you how virtuous I feel when I eat something from my own garden! Let's hope I get that green thumb real soon! :)

Hi Petra,
How nice to see you stop by! Do you have a balcony? Maybe you can grow herbs and tomatoes for example. I'm sure that would work. Hans' family also had a completely self- sufficient garden while he was growing up. Hans tells me it was a lot of hard work for his dad, but I can only imagine what kind of fulfiling work that must have been. By the way.. you MUST read 'Wilde venkel en rabarber'! That book and 'Jamie at Home' led me to where I am now! :)

Hi Sandy,
I also wish you good luck with your own garden. :) I'm just really trying to get into it, so I do need all the luck I can get! Like I said, some of last year's beauties are all let's hope!

Hi Vanessa,
Ah, another coriander fan! I am planning on growing some this year (even though everyone here detests it). Also love basil, I can't live without it in the summer when my lunch is always a HUGE tomato salad with lots of basil! And I would love to grow pumpkins, too! Have you grown any before? Indeed, gardening looks like a challenging hobby!


V said...

Yes Paola, I've grown some whoppers! Pumpkins do rather take over your garden for a while! As long it isn't too wet they seem to thrive in Holland. Give it a go! You'll be amazed!
Yes with coriander you ábsolutely love it or detest it, no in between(or so I found you ever watch 'Something for the weekend' on sundays BBC2, it was mentioned last week?)
Talking of TV did you follow Master Chef?

Gloria said...

Beautiful flowers Paola, so beautiful, and I like so plant, I have Basil,mint adn the last years tomatoes, xxx Good luck!! Gloria

Paola said...

Gracias mi querida Gloria!:) A mi me encantan los tulipanes.

Hi Vanessa,
Well, that sounds very promising then! I love pumpkins. As a matter of fact, I'll be celebrating the big 3-0 this Thursday and my celebratory meal will be a pumpkin stew!
I don't watch Masterchef much. Never got into for some reason, but MUST watch 'Something for The Weekend'! Just looked it up and I see that it's with Simon Rimmer! A friend gave me his cookbook 'The Accidental Vegetarian' and it's filled with gorgeous, healthty foods. Must watch the show. Thanks for the heads up!!


Anonymous said...

Paola I would love to grow my own produce, it must be so rewarding, but alas I don't (as yet) have the space to do so.

So for now I'm sticking to just growing herbs and tomatoes - it's a start at least.

Good luck and I can't wait to hear more about it.

George xx

Kelly-Jane said...

How wonderful to be able to grow some of your own fruit and veg!

Your tulips are really beautiful =)