Friday, November 16, 2007

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

After Mara's thread about some of her favorite kitchen items, I decided to follow her lead. Here are some of my own favorites.

First off, my baby pink bowl. I use this one for everything. Baby pink is one of my favorite colors. I find it very soothing.Hans gave me this last year for Sinterklaas. Because I'm his "kitchen princess" and because I make "buckets" of tea, so he thought this would come in handy.
My retro kitchen calendar. Yes, that's my friend Remy from Ratatouille who's hanging out there!
I bought this bundt pan at a vintage shop. Personally, I think any cake in this shape is bound to taste good!
Quiche pan in one of my favorite colors...yep, pastel pink!
My red LeCreuset casserole. Along with my Jamie Oliver risotto pan, it's one of my most used kitchen items. I love LeCreuset and have asked Sinterklaas for a red tarte tatin pan from this brand. I hope I've been a good girl.
A beautiful little tea bag holder in the shape of a cupcake. Isn't it cute? It was a present from a lovely gal, Anna.
My gorgeous red cake stand. A present from Hans. I love fire engine red and have a lot of this color in my kitchen.
Such a beautiful colander! Another present from Hans, and also in red.
Cookie tin with a 1930's woman. I love to use this tin to store dainty little cookies. Don't you just love her hat?

Thanks for this idea, Mara. It was a lot of fun!


Sylvia said...

What beautiful things,I love rose pastel, and le creuset is all of good.

Kelly-Jane said...

I enjoyed that! I love a little look round other cooks kitchens!

Baby pink is one of my favourites as well, it's a shame there isn't that much of it out there to buy. I email admin at Nigella periodically to say how wonderful her mixing bowls etc would be in pale pink! Can you imagine =)


annauk said...

Paola, your red cake stand is fantastic!! and with a lid too - great!

Gloria said...

I love all these things Paola, I like the antique things (retro)lovely all things!!!xxx

Mara said...

You and I have a similar taste, Paola. I wish I could lay my hands on those baby pink items, and the red cake stand takes my breath away!
Thanks for sharing these.