Friday, September 21, 2007

A Day in The Life

Every Friday evening, I sit down with a pile of cookbooks and a shopping list to plan our weekly menus. I do this, mainly because I love to try out new recipes and get inspiration from others. A simple photograph or mention of an ingredient and I'm dreaming up something new and delicious. Today though, I'll be giving a cooking lesson so I decided to do my menu planning over lunch instead.
I sat down with my four current books of choice (can you guess which ones?) and leafed through them over a steamy bowl of lentil soup and a glass of red. I should point out that this is one of my best soup recipes. I make my own spice rub in the pestle and mortar which I first saute with onions before adding in the lentils. Usually I serve the soup with some fat, black olives and homemade bread, but since this was yesterday's leftovers, I had no olives and wasn't really in the mood for bread. I did drizzle the soup with one of the most exquisite oils ever- huile d' olive anisette. A wonderful product from my new favorite goodie shop, Accent d' Oc. This amazing oil is green as absinthe (Van Gogh would love it) and is made with green anise and fennel seeds. The comparison with absinthe doesn't just apply to its color. This is powerful stuff! A few drops is more than enough. It has a flavor that you'll feel in your whole mouth, even in your nose. This is all positive commentary though so if you ever come across this oil- buy it!
Just as I was typing this entry, the postman rang with a package. A copy of the Dutch cookbook "Lekker Hollands" (Deliciously Dutch). I received news yesterday that I had won yet another recipe contest and that this gorgeous little book was on its way. Off to leaf through that one with my dessert- a nice espresso!

PS: There's a reason why I can't give you the recipe for the soup now, but bear with me. I'll share it soon enough!