Friday, May 11, 2007

Anna Tagged Me!

Ok, so Anna tagged me! Here's my list:

1. I went to an all-girls private Catholic high school, Holy Rosary Academy. It was such a fun time and the fact that I was around nuns didn't make it any less fun! My best year was my senior year, of course. I was in Prom Committee and that was quite an honor! Actually, I was the one who was in just about all extracurricular activities! Lets see, Library Club, Computer Club, Peer Ministry, Band, Spanish Club, School Newspaper (The Diadem...I had a fashion column!!), Art Club (won lots of prizes!) and some more I can't remember now. Oh, and I did a lot of backstage work for our annual fashion shows, everything from set decoration to working backstage with the models doing their hair, make-up and taping up the odd boob!
2. I studied psychology before I decided to follow my heart and study art. I still have a thing for psychology and am constantly analyzing people, even from afar. My study wasn't really time wasted though because my background in psychology is proving to be a big part of my MA research.
3. I'm actually registered with a casting agency and have even done a few auditions. The most interesting one was the audition for the Amstel beer commercial last year. I had to feel up a few guys which was TERRIBLY awkward..and I didn't even get the part! Have also been contacted by the HEMA but was turned down because my boobs were too small! A few months ago I was asked to play a nurse on a popular crime show, Peter R. de Vries, I HAD the part (!) but I had to turn it down because the shooting was beginning at midnight, beginning mind you! I'm usually pooped at 9PM so this was NOT an option for me! Hey, I'm not that desperate to be famous!
4. My family is Colombian and Colombia doesn't just mean cocaine or the Medellin Cartel as so many people think. We have wonderful music, CUMBIA (!), food (arepas, arequipe, aguardiente, pan de queso, empanadas, natilla, bunuelos...the list goes on, landscapes, writers (Gabriel Garcia Marquez), artists (Fernando Botero), singers (Shakira, Juanes). I am very proud of my roots. Oh and here's a fun fact, Juan Valdez, Mr. Colombian Coffee himself, is a friend of the family!
5. I believe in Angels. Seriously.


julie said...

How interesting!
Well, thanks for thinking of me but I've already answered this here

Not very interestingly though...


Kelly-Jane said...

That really interesting Paola, well done :)


Paola said...

aha! i guess everyone's been tagged! lots of fun!


annauk said...

Very interesting...thanks for participating Paola