Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunny Days

I try to make the most of the beautiful weather so we eat outdoors quite a lot. We have a lovely, big garden full of trees (also fruit trees) and flowers and there's nothing better than having dinner with a glass of wine under our huge, white parasol.

Salads are a favorite in this weather and I think no one makes salads as good as Jamie. Actually, in the summer, Jamie's Italy is the book I'm always turning to. I've not made one recipe out of this book that I did not like. Really, I can't understand people who say they don't like Jamie or that his recipes are too complicated. To each his own, of course, but I've said this before and I'll say it again, this man has a gift for flavor combinations. He just knows what works with what and how different flavors come together. A few weeks ago I made his Amalfi salad for dinner and it was delicious. A light, crisp little salad with lots of delicate flavors.

And now for something a little more substantial! Recently, I also made a very tasty goat cheese, red pepper and cherry tomato tart. I love roasted veggies and this tart, along with a chilled glass of white wine, really hit the spot.

A nice, summery bread was Tessa Kiros' olive oil bread. I added some sun-dried tomatoes and some dried herbs. One of the best breads I've ever baked!

A girl can't live just on salad you know!

PS: Here are two pics of some lovely flowers in my garden.

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