Tuesday, February 27, 2007

First Organic Salon in The Netherlands!

I am excited about this one. A salon that only works with pure, natural plant-based ingredients and NO chemicals! If you think about all the hairspray you inhale with one simple visit to the salon, you won't be happy. I always tell them not to use any in my hair, but meanwhile the person next to me is getting sprayed to death!

I decided a while ago not to color my hair anymore. Not only do I think one looks best with the color nature intended but all those chemicals scare me, especially when you consider the fact that you have to keep going back every six weeks or so for touch-ups. Not to mention that I refuse to dye my hair with something that's been tested on an animal! This salon works exclusively with earth-friendly products (everything from their hair products to the stuff they use to clean!) and they even serve organic coffees and teas! The magazines you find there are not your typical beauty/gossip mags either...just all-natural lifestyle magazines. And they play soft, mellow music as well.

Worth a visit sometime!

PS: and no, I won't be coloring my hair again, but I like the idea of an organic salon for my next haircut!



Kelly-Jane said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing place to visit, and no harmful products too :)


PS I've ordered the Vegan Cupcake Cookbook, have to wait for delivery now (drumming fingers!)

Paola said...

That's great KJ! I promise you won't be disappointed. It's also such a cute book and it can even be quite a hoot to read!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Paola! I keep looking for one here, and I think we may be close to getting one. I quit dyeing my hair too, for the same reasons, but it's so great to have a place with options. Let us know how it is!