Saturday, December 23, 2006

Foodie Heaven!

Last week we did some really nice foodie shopping at a Christmas fair held at the organic farm we visit and then at an international supermarket where they sell a wide variety of lovely goodies from back home and from the UK. Now, I must've been living under a rock, but I only heard about this supermarket recently and I don't know how I did without it! Seriously, something so small, like a packet of Lifesavers can make life so sweet, pardon the pun. I love the fact that I can find just about anything I need there and that they have such a huge assortment of exotic spices. I found the cutest teeny tiny bottle of saffran strands. I think I was more excited about the bottle than the saffran! At the organic fair I got among other things some pear and chilli chutney, some apple cider, chestnut puree, honey from local bees and an awesome set of hand-made Tunesian candies. My cupboards are stocked to the brim with all sorts of lovely treats. We're very blessed and fortunate.


Lisa said...

Heaven is right! What a lot of great stuff you found :). How does the chutney sound? It's an interesting combo. Everything looks very good.

Paola said...

Hi Lisa,

I tasted the chutney as a salsa on a corn chip at the fair before I bought it and it was so YUM! I've not used the jar yet but I might just have it like that!